The Coolmix Story

Coolmix brands are on a mission to change the status quo. Coolmix is not just about selling products, but leveraging every shopping dollar spent to change our world for the better. As a Next Gen Global Marketplace, we are committed to reshape Global Business Dynamics, not by disruption but with synergistic business relationships with hundreds of Global Brands. In the past, login to your favorite brands, google search or a referral, was the way it was done. What has changed? The insertion of Coolmix between you and our careful curation of your favorite local and Global Brands. Our Next Gen Marketplace is a unique shopping destination where your shopping becomes an automatic philanthropic experience. Without asking a shopper to donate anything, Coolmix donates up to 10% of its profits to Charities, Causes and unexpected tragedies. The Coolmix Platform is building technology to target and scale multiple charitable and philanthropic causes all at the same time. Ask us how? Join the movement to change the world. Refer your favorite Charity or Cause. Register and become a Coolmixer! 

We Make Giving Easy As Breathing.You Shop, We Give!  #GivingIsLiving #SustainablePhilanthropy.